Practical solutions for modern business.
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Innovative Virtual Assistance provides practical solutions for modern business.  When you choose our Virtual Assistant services, you'll not only receive superior quality work on-demand, you'll also save valuable time and money.
  • We manage client projects and assist with multiple aspects of business administration in an efficient, reliable and professional manner
  • We offer many of the same services as an onsite employee, but provide consistently higher quality at a more reasonable price
Innovative Virtual Assistance is committed to making your business successful.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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Virtual Assistant Advantages:

  • Clients experience reduced stress by hiring a VA to help with their workload
  • Clients only pay for services requested and completed
  • There are no benefits, sick days or taxes to pay
  • No downtime to pay
  • No equipment to purchase
  • No office space required
  • Flexible scheduling & billing
  • Guaranteed professionalism, dedication and confidentiality
  • Friendly and reliable service
  • Great value